Coronavirus symptoms Complete List

corona virus , #coronaviruys corona virus update

I hope that you have still did not get any symptoms .But is that really true Here we will discuss all types of corona virus updates , and latest symptoms which people are feeling now a days

First of all we let discuss from where this disease came and why its spreading overall world ,what are the basics reasons behind this corona virus disease , and how to came into know that you have got the corona virus and if case if positive than how we should prevent this disease from our body . first we will discuss its symptoms

Corona Virus

It originally came from china , and why it originates , it was originally originated from eating dead mouse and Bat , as this type of food is considered perfect for Chinese heath , that is main reason that they believe in their religion about this type of food , and now these foods are great danger for overall the world.Overall cases of corona virus is increasing day by day .,As Reported from CNN , overall 50, 000 cases are reported in United states , Italy is not facing about 86,000 cases overall .But there is one more good news for us that china has controlled this virus , and now its about 4 days and not only a single case is detected . lets talk about the all symptoms which you feel and you should go for hospital , other wise no need to become panic and creating environment that other people can’t afford

1.Corona special Fever


Fever , as you know that there are many types , but in this type of fever , you will feel like scrambling your body even you if you cannot control your body than you should go for a docor

shortness of breath is main reason , because any other type of fever or any type of disease do not produce even breath shortness , so dont be panic , if you have this type of fever in which you are unable to control your body , than you should go for a doctor , because without actual symptoms , you will probably got virus from hospital , because there are alot of people suffering from this disease

Sore throat & Breating Problems

Now in this time about 2 lakh and 65 thousand people are infected from corona virus , and its about 90 thousand people who are success fully cured from this dangerous disease .in normal conditions cough do not harm any people , but luckily this virus cannot travel in Air and it only can transfer from people to people by squeezing , if you are feeling that some one in not wearing or not wearing mask , and he is squeezing and his heat beat and berating is not normal ,than this is definitely a sign of Corona virus .

Chest Pain

Chest pain is important factor in this virus , but only a chest pain could not create a virus and if you are feeling that you have pain and probably you have corona but its not correct .Because it may be cured by only taking pain killer , but if you are facing chest pain with other signs like fever , cough , preambling of your body , alot of fast breaths than these signs are corona and you have to go for a doctor

Is corona Really dangerous .?

For complete sign of corona you can see above picture , but if you have signs than what you will do , is it really dangerous for your health .?

The simple and short answer is no . Because this type of virus only effect the old age people which may be probably have low white cells to defend this virus , the proof is that about 90 thousand people are cured with only care , because no vaccine is available .Besides all of this , this virus can be called dangerous because if you do not care for your self or for other people which are infected , than there is alot of problem , because about 600 people are no more in this stupid world in italy on daily basis

What we should do .?

corona virus update
corona virus updates
  • keep Washing your hands
  • Avoid touching others
  • Avoid to shake hand with any one in this condition
  • keep one tissue with you
  • your throat never be dry
  • Keep in your home
  • dont be panic just relax
  • this virus effects more on old people , so it requested for aged people to stay in home
  • Keep in home untill conditions are not good
  • Good step of vocation from government so dont go for enjoyment
  • Cancel all types of out door games
  • The PUBG is better choice in this condition

Be Safe and Be happy in Your Life



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