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freelance writing jobs for beginners
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Freelancing is the most emerging field of life nowadays .Nowadays every one wants to become a freelancer and most of them are going to become successful .Actually freelancing platforms are also getting a lot from this business .if you have 9 o clock job and also you want more earning then your normal job with writing than you are absolutely on right place for learning and earning .In this we will discuss that how you can get freelancing jobs with writing .We will cover all aspects of writing , and what are those ways by doing so , you can earn alot .

For motivation , if we talk about the current success full freelancer in writing field and you will shocked to hear that they are earning 500$ on daily basis .There are alot of example of those freelancer who just got good popularity on their platform and now they are wanting more money with their services and quality is on the same position .Except that they got some experience .you can also be a great and successful writer with freelancing platforms .freelance writing jobs are for every one.

freelance writing jobs

What are difficulties for Writer

As i think many of you still trying to get their first order , but they are not able to get their first orders there are a lot of difficulties due to those things many people are leave this field .But you can .yeah by applying our techniques you can easily get your orders in couple of days .Here is also list of some freelancing jobs and skills by getting those things you can easily earn a lot .For writing problems


Yeah you have read right .There are alot of people in this field and also alot of people are coming in this field that is that main reason that new seller could not able to get their first order.This is reality and you have to accept It .As saturation is present as rates are also high and buyers are coming in this field because content is king and every one wants a lot of content .For a normal business website and every one needs alot of content to grow fast. so buyers are alot but how to overcome the saturation problem.


First of all for freelancing startup you have to understand these things which are available in this article .Than to over come the saturation problem you should probably move from one platform to another .We know that you have made alot of hard work in making good profile and authority you have designed every things and also you paid for services .But if you are not getting orders than it will gives you nothing ,So shifting of platform is considered necessary for every one who is in writing field . What are those platforms which we can adopt .The options are alot but here is the list

  1. PeopleperHour
  2. Guru
  3. Freelancer
  4. 99Design
  5. WorkRoll
  7. goLance
  8. AngelList
  9. Work Market
  10. Gigster
  11. Hired.

These platform are considered low competition , by joining these platforms you will easily get your order .You have to understand that if some sites are new and you know that this sites will be viral than you should join them quickly because your judgement is important for your successful .in freelance writing jobs you can easily successful

2.Low Time spending

Proper spending of time is also very necessary for successful career .Many freelancing platforms are making the ranking factor that if you are present about 12 hours that based on your presence your site will ranked .So , many people do not spend time and they check the profile after one week and they are expecting success this is not correct .You have to understand the importance .The ranking of GIG and profile is also necessary .How you can manage your time .here are some tips

  1. install mobile app to stay active every time
  2. Keep your data connection or wifi always on
  3. app should run in background
  4. checking site after one and half hour is good
  5. Share your profile in social media platforms
  6. Respond the upcoming messages as soon as possible

3.Quality and Experience

Quality and experience also matters alot in getting order .Because if you have experience and your service have alot of quality than you will adjust easily but low experience and new seller will feel alot of difficulties .Write for you website also for your friend website free to get some experience .

  1. You should give your service your friend site on behalf of percentage income
  2. start free blog to get experience
  3. For improving quality you should watch movies
  4. Reading of news paper relevant to that language will effect more
  5. strong your collection of words
  6. Choice those worlds which are considered most attractive for every one .


Portfolio is the necessary thing for every platform .You have strong platform even with the zero review than you can easily got your first order .Make your portfolio strong ,Give example to your clients that you are best for this job .Convince them and low your price first for more orders .from freelance writing jobs you will earn alot

By doing these things we are sure that you will get your first order in couple of days no one can stop you when you will get your first order // Start your career and be successful


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