How 103 Years old man , get rid from corona virus

coronavirus treatment us
can antibiotics treat the coronavirus disease? , what is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease

As all people are well familiar with the current situation of world .The whole is facing lock down issues and almost all world is locked into their houses now.All the symbols are showing that corona virus will take some time to finish completely .All markets , air plane , public transport , trains and factories are closed due to deadly corona virus .About 1934 People are died in IRAN .Italy is also metering alot of dead bodies and even there is no space for bodies nowadays .Very bad condition is happening all over the world . coronavirus treatment us was not founded yet .But still there is hope for our scientific departments that they will not leave us alone

is there still any hope .?

Yeah there is a lot of hope present .People should not leave hope in any condition which is written in every motivational books .But is this really working for current condition .The simple answer yes .There is hope founded in IRAN . what was happened in IRAN .Why every one is talking about this .

AS mentioned IRAN Reached 1923 Dead bodies from deadly corona virus and a lot off cases are being reported day by day from these countries .When every one was searching for anti biotin and even doctors are trying to make better remedy for corona virus .The odd condition was happened in IRAN .WHAT was that ,

IRANI 103 Old Man Defeated Corona Virus .?

coronavirus treatment us

What , are you serious .This should probably your question .But that is truth .According to WHO When two IRANI people one was male and one female hear that only old age people are going to die with this deadly virus .Than they determined that they will defeat this virus .They said we have faced a lot of wars .We faced alot of difficulties in our life .We survive in those conditions which was probably very tough for every normal person .Than we can beat this virus also . and you know what .They actually did this .Now every one is interested that how they did that , how .? How this can be possible .Here are some basic reasons that how they survived

  1. Important is determination ( Their will power was very strong )
  2. They apply all safety measures provided by who
  3. They took steam into their body on daily basis
  4. They even did not eat single cold thing
  5. there age was 103 but they was still healthy and they did exercise

The scientist are trying to get the results from those experiments which was done by these two aged people.if they survived than every one can survived easily , we just need basic things to do

What we should learn from them .?

The Basic thing we should learn from them is , first off all we have to clam down and relax .Corona is not a big problem and we can easily defeat it easily by just taking simple safety measures .what are those , 20 seconds give time to wash your hands .Mask is good idea for covering your self .

What we need at this time .?

First Basic is determination and after determination just follow safety tips .Here you may thinking that how we should spend time while in home or in a lock down .SO here are some tips for you , by doing those things you can easily pass your time

  1. By playing Online Games (PUBG , COD , FORNITE AND FREEFIRE)
  2. You can playing indoor games ( LODU , ETC )
  3. Mobiles games and PC Games are also Good
  4. you can spend your time with all safety measures by watching movies
  5. You can also do activity online for time pass.
  6. you should probably start Drama series in this condition

By adopting these things you can easily spend your time as lock down in home and you will feel nothing you can enjoy yourself .Even we should take determination from those old aged people who defeated corona virus in couple of days .Because they was in that range where the chance of death are 90+ ,But they still survived Just doing some thing which are almost every media is saying

Is there any vaccine available for corona virus ?

Even this question is being asked by every one but answer is No . Because scientist are trying to make medicine , but still they did not know the proper origination of the virus .If that reason can be founded than may be virus vaccine can also be found . May be in couple of weeks or months it can be cured .We cannot say exact .

But still it is cure able from safety tricks that every can adopt and easily get rid from this virus .We will say that if those aged people can do that than every one can do that , we just need some couple of determination and those things which are recommended from the authorities .We hope that you will act upon our advice .Stay save stay happy


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