how to grow your Youtube channel Fast in 2020

how to grow your youtube channel
how to grow your youtube channel how to grow youtube channel

If you are looking for perfect youtube growth article ever. than you are on right place for earning and growing tips for youtube platform .You can also check that how you can grow your channel first after starting your youtube channel you definitely need some things which will help you in growth of your channel .So if you are thinking that how to grow your youtube channel or is this possible still in 2020 to grow on any platform .Then as time changes , quality improves and you got great competitiveness in any field .

1.Youtube Competition

Competition is present in every field .As internet and web grows competition increases with great speed .and now its about 2020 and many people think that growing on internet is also dead .But there is hope .How you can grow , what you need to get started in 2020 .we can just say that its not easy as compared to previous years but after learning some things after getting and understanding the logarithm of youtube you can easily grow . So what are those thing which you need to do first here we have provided some lists


If you are shocked by hearing the word investment than you dont need to wory about any thing .Because before starting every business any thing you definitely need some investment to reach their goal .So , what type of investment is needed in youtube . here we have provided some lists


You definitely need some high quality equipment to grow fast .Because without quality no one will ready to watch you .If you need that people should be your fan .Than quality of equipment are necessary .This is the key to success .What included in system .High Quality computer , Audio editing , video editing software and other things which are necessary to start your Computer experience .

Camera or Drone

As we have mentioned , competition is very high and if you want to grow fast you definitely do some thing extra which others are not doing .Drone camera will be perfect for your quality shots .Even you will say that mobile review channel are now using drone shots .So , drone shots are necessary .And if you dont want to buy drone than camera is necessary , with its all lighting and green screen to startup your channel .Video editing is necessary , we will recommend that if you are not familiar with the editing than first learn and than start your career .It will probably will be a great .

Spend on your self

As said if you are not looking good .no one will ready to watch you .so proper setup table , your dressing and hair style your shoes even your bread on face maters a lot .for your audience .Your audience will love your every thing .So by spending on your self will matters alot in growth of your channel

3.Targeting Audience

After doing those above things you will have to target your proper audience , so proper keywords tags and description according to the user search volume is necessary .So , just go to the youtube and extract user search volume keywords and phrases and optimize your all videos basis on your keywords that will help alot .Always spend 30 to 40 minuets on proper keywords and description and than go for publishing .This way you will get huge views .But keep in mind all the policies of youtube .Because youtube have a lot of policies about keywords stuffing and description that contain alot of keywords will leads towards strike .that will definitely distressing for every one .

4.Paid Views and Policies of Google

If you did all these things and still you are not getting required proper views , but there is option for you to get promoted fast .There are two platform available for promoting .One is Google and Other Facebook .The highly recommend is Facebook .Because audience is great there and chances of watching your ads will be improved . we recommend that cut your video into half and than upload on facebook and boost it .This method will help you alot in determining your correct audience . Also Read many times the youtube policies because without understanding those you cannot be a perfect youtuber .

5. Motivation

This portion of should be included by every youtuber ,Because on youtube without motivation you are nothing .Because there is alot of ups and downs in youtube .You are probably thinking that what are ups and downs and youtube career .There are alot of chances that you video will go viral and same is the case when you loose the actual views . So motivation is necessary to stick on youtube permanently and this motivation is the only thing which helps you to make more and more videos .We are sure that this type of knowledge you will find never on any other platform .Almost all type of knowledge is paid and no one is ready to teach you free.If you are getting some thing from here than its your responsibility to share this knowledge to your groups to help us .Stay healthy stay successive


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