How to make Corona Virus Mask at Home (Free)

corona virus masks
corona virus masks in home

As you know that corona virus has gone very long in this time ,and it is spread almost all the world .The protection from this virus is also very very important , there are alot of ways present by doing those things we can escape from corona virus , but in this article we will discuss about corona virus masks , so in this article we are explaining how you can make a good quality mask of corona virus at your home by just doing some things

if you are facing these problems .?

  1. You tried to get masks from markets , but it is expensive
  2. You did not get the sensitize for your hands
  3. you cannot go from your home due to lock down
  4. you are bound in house by your parents

Than this article is for you . with the help of these tips you can make a brand new mask for you to prevent your self and your relatives from corona virus .

Firts of all you need 3 pieces of 6×9 Fabric colth , 1 sisensor and some pins

corona virus mask
how to make corona virus  mask
corona virus mask

Than you need two elastic pieces for covering your ear , that will stick with your mouth and prevent the virus

After getting these things you can use any type of cloth for preparing this , after getting these things just put these two elastic trip to the 2 sides of cloth that it should support actual cloth and joint it primary with some pins or joints claps

After placing these things now you have to put another white or any other color on the actual cloth , this is because we want 2 layers of mask to prevent us from corona virus and it should not go into our body

corona virus . coro virus update
#corona virus

than just place your new cloth on the old cloth and sew it with machine or sew it with hands .The machine is considered best

how to make masks for corona virus
corona virus updat

After sewing from 3 sides , just open from one side and extract the inner cloth outside , use some pencil or other material to clear all the edges of cloth

corona update

Just showing the picture below , make sure to double the cloth like this and make 4 to 5 layers according to your choice , after making layers use some iron to press these layers completely , than you mask is almost ready

corona virus masks

All those layers which was compressed by iron now ready to sew by machine or with your hands

corona virus how to make masks

After this your complete mask is ready for use , now you can easily use it according to your choice If you like the post than just share with your friends within whats up groups facebook groups and viral it that every one can get this and who cannot but or not able to market , this is great solution for their projection

Be save and Be Happy #COVID-19



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