how to sell on fiverr Fast 2020 Tips-Earn up to 1000$

If you are thinking to earn money through freelancing platform , than you are on right place for learning alot of trick and tips which helps you alot in getting fiverr first order . how to sell on fiverr explains every thing here

Why we should choice Fiverr

There are alot of reasons that why you should choice fiverr .The main and biggest reason is that many people do not want to invest on the freelancing platform first .They need to earn first and than they go to the investing .This is the main reason that fiver is totally free and they did not want any money from you .Also they provides you free 10 offers on daily basis .By sending daily 10 offers you can easily get your first order .

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What steps we should do to get order .?

First of all you have to understand the importance of setup of complete fiverr account .After settings ,You have to follow those steps to get your first order

  1. Make your fiverr accounts and place your best profile picture
  2. Analyze your competitors
  3. Do not copy your competitor , just make a Perfect gig on which you are providing more prefect services than your competitor
  4. Use photoshop perfectly
  5. Write perfect description
  6. As a Example you can check this Account
  7. Promote your GIG on different platforms

1.Profile Picture

The basic thing of any fiverr profile is your profile picture .That question may arise in your mind that how you should choice a perfect profile picture .Because first impression is the last impression so , you have to be very care full in profile picture. What things you should watch in any profile picture .?

  1. Picture should be clear
  2. Blue background is recommended
  3. Use photoshop or online tools
  4. Picture should be face
  5. Picture should be smiley and attractive
  6. You just have to focus on one thing that after watching your picture , every one should feel huge wave of satisfaction and they re with right person

These are the things which are related to profile picture , by applying these things you can easily get your first order in first week of your career.

2. Analyze your competitor

What do you mean by analyzing your competitor , Simple just go to fiverr buying option and search related to your services Choice 3 to 5 Your top level competitor .Check Their Full GIG analyze their description and check what they are providing and what you can provide how to sell on fiverr goes here

  1. 1 check their complete history what they did choose only positive point
  2. Check their title and Choose most appropriate title for your GIG
  3. Write prefect description according to those 3 Competitor
  4. Write perfect FAQ and Write perfect quote in your description
  5. Give separate offer to your client in description
  6. Feel your client that you are the most professional person and none can do work like you
  7. By applying these things you can easily get your first order in couple of months

By applying these things you will able to achieve your first order .These tips are based on personal experience , experience for every one can be differ.

3.How to get Data from Competitor GIGS

Dont copy word by word from from others GIGS .write your own own data .Seriously you can .Even you can write GIG more perfect than other GIGS .Just take concept that what they are doing and what you can .After understanding your complete capability start a perfect GIG and after some days there are alot of chances that you will get your first order .

4.Designing /photoshop/Paint

Designing of Fiver GIG image is very important for Boosting of your GIG .Take your time or pay 5$ for designing Thumbnail of your fiverr GIG IMAGE .The main picture is only thing which client see and click on your GIG .So , proper selection of GIG image is very important what qualities should be in GIG Thumbnail Image

  1. Picture should clear
  2. Concept should be easily understandable
  3. Write one Big title and than 2 to 5 words of your choice
  4. You can understand that Picture should be attractive and when any one see it should be clicked
  5. choice of image should be perfect
  6. it totally depend on your creativeness , how you manage yourself to make high quality image

By adopting these tips you an design a perfect catchy thumbnail for your all GIG

5.Perfect description and how much GIG are Required

If we look into the number of GIG than we can say as new seller fiverr will gives you 7 GIG options and you should take advantage of that and make 7 GIG with different Topics related to your field .Divide your field work and make separate GIG .Gives perfect description

  1. Description should be perfect
  2. Write perfect note for clients
  3. Highlight those words which are necessary
  4. Catchy description leads you towards great success
  5. Gives special offers to your clients
  6. Give extra things to attract buyers

As a startup you should lower your price first .Than depending on your orders you can increase. you can also promote your GIGS on different social platforms like facebook twitter and linkedin.Donot use google ads and facebook ads , fiverr did not allow this .You can also check our more articles for great motivation how to sell on fiverr completed . stay successful

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