how to start a youtube channel -Earn 500$ a Day complete Guide

how to start a youtube channel
how to get started on youtube , how to grow your youtube channel

If you are thinking to start a youtube channel .Or you have started a youtube channel and you are not getting any traffic than you are on right place for youtube channel guide and learning .how to start youtube channel , this probably you asked question many many times .But here we are come up with solution

why you should join Youtube .?

Before joining the youtube you have to understand that what is special talent you have to grow on youtube. with our experience without specific talent in 2020 to grow on youtube is very hard .If off all you have to ask this question to your self that why you should join .Than after getting the answer than you are able to start channel .

What things you should check before starting a channel .?

This is important that why we are focusing on it .Because this is the only thing on which your whole career is depending .We will suggest take your time about 20 to 15 Days for just thinking .what are qualities you have , and people should watch you .when you got the actual order than you should start further .Apply these things to follow. when you are choosing field or YouTube channel name .

  1. D not copy any one else
  2. if you like some YouTuber than there is not written that you can also do that
  3. Copy content does not means here , there is concept copying exist on which your whole career depends .
  4. Choose only those things which you considered that. ” Yeah man i am best in this field and none can do this like me “
  5. When no 4. Point valid you are than ready to start a brand new channel and journey started
  6. After getting the idea you probably need name read below

1.How to select name of youtube channel .?

After getting an idea about the your channel you need a perfect name for your youtube channel .You will not suggest you to write just random word. Because ranking is very difficult in 202 and with random word its tough .So if you need to be success full Youtuber than random word will not effect with ranking way .The most recommended method is go to google and find perfect keyword related youtube searches .This you can easily found on google keyword planner .Because youtube ranking depends upon many factors and youtube channel name is also a factor . We will discuss that how you can rank your youtube video fast in our next articles .

2.Logo and banner

The representation of any brand business and page is necessary .Same is for YouTube .If you are photoshop designer than you can easily make your logo by yourself .if you cannot make a logo than hire any freelancer of fiverr with 5$ investing and get high quality logo related to your niche in couple of hours .Same is for banner .Because banner is also very necessary for any media and it represent your whole channel .You designing of these two things are very necessary .

3.Into of your channel

Intro of channel can be defined as a introduction video before starting your video .This is also very necessary if you are going to become a successful you-tuber.The quality of intro should be perfect and it should be related to your logo .Your logo related intro will effect your audience alot and you will earn alot of money in just couple of months bu just joining youtuber partner program .This we will discuss in our later articles

4.Video editing

If you are expert in your field .You have alot of knowledge and you do not have editing knowledge ,This will create alot of problems .Because you cannot hire a video editor separate there rates are very high and you are just start up .We will suggest Filmora video editing software .Which is pretty simple and prefect for startups .Do your editing by your self and make perfect transitions .Learn these editing tricks from youtube .You can also check here other ways of earning .So , in any youtube channel video editing is must and most necessary part of channel


IF you have a lot of knowledge about your field .You are master in every thing .You are perfect video editor you channel into . banner and all other things are perfect .Than after doing these things still your channel is not getting views ,This will very hard time and its very difficult to come out from this situation .So , motivation is mos necessary You have to wait for results and you should keep uploading your videos on daily basis .This is recommended that you should watch motivational videos on daily basis The only thing that is called motivation will keep you towards your goal .If you need something , if you want to get your future bright than you have to be motivated all the time. We will Publish more articles on the ranking of youtube videos so , how to start a youtube channel hope this question is answered well . keep updated


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