How to Start Freelancing Free to make 500$ in a Month

Welcome in our article , if you are looking for handsome amount from freelancing in any country than you are on right place .Freelancing is growing day by day in the world .Every one is trying to get more and more income from freelancing , there are alot of platform available on which you can start freelancing , here in this article we are going to explain you some free platform on which you can earn money without investing any thing .

what is difference in paid freelancing and Free freelancing platform .?

Nowadays some freelancing platforms are charging amount to do bid and submitting offer , we know that all people could not afford this amount and they cannot invest .But here we are providing some platforms on which you can easily start your career free.


Fiverr was launched February 1, 2010 .As a new and different strategy .what was that strategy and why fiverr is so famous .The simple and short answer is 5$ because due to 5$ fiverr make its success full career .Fiverr was different from other platform , because all the method of freelancing was different in this platform. Any one can buy services from GIG .what was GiG . Gig was like the shop of fiverr seller , who beautify it and make it better for user understanding and after any one who see that gig will by and seller was able to earn more and more income

What is 5$ and why fiverr is so famous .?

with 5$ You can buy services in fiverr bu just adding 1 or 2 dollar service fee .As compared to other platforms ,, they offer time base services or per hour rate .But in fiverr nothing like this is existed.You can buy for just 5$ even your work if contains of 2 or 3 days .it totally depends on fiverr seller that how much they want for their services .Other platform was not able to do this and due to only one reason fiverr was so successful and other platform who started services like fiverr they are no longer existed in this time .

what services fiverr offer free .?

The main offer is your daily free 10 requests which you can send to buyers who need services .These are the best thing on which yo can select best buyer for yourself .You can write a best for your buyer that he should contact you .

We think that fiverr is best place for every new emerging talent who want to learn , earn and grow in their life

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If you are thinking that upwork is totally free than its not true .Because Fiverr is the only platform which provides you every thing free.But in fiverr all services is free .In upwork first you will awarded some free free bids and after free bids if you got the order than you are the among 20% people who did a great job and started career on upwork without investing anything .But if you have used all bids and did not got any order , than there is probably a invest you have to do .

You can buy bids there and easily start to biding and earning more and more .The bids prices are very low and affordable for every one .The upwork is best choice for starting freelancing

Guru and people Per hour

As mentioned above the only platform is fiver which is free available , but upword guru and peopleperhour are have same quality .First they will give you some free bids and than you have to buy some bids to get more and more offers .These platforms are also very best as a inter native of fiverr and you can start your career also from these platforms

What is benefits of these platform which are little paid

The main benefit is Earning .Because without earning you are nothing .So how much you can earn .The short answer is alot because rates on upwork and peopleperhour and otehr sites are very high as compared to fiverr.There is alot of clients who can provide you more money than you expected .

So it is better to use all of these platform for better earning.we will just say that if you are really interested in freelancing than start with fiverr and also with other platform .If you loose bids than just pay and starting freelancing. soon we wil upload how to get your first order .Stay updated

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