how to write an upwork proposal

how to write an upwork proposal .If you are thinking for a freelance job , than you probably think about upwork.Than you are probably on right place for great learning .First i will explain you what was my experience with the proposals of upwork and how fiverr and upwork are different with each other .Than we will look into depth and after analyze we will gives you perfect method that how you should give proposal to your clients .

My experience with upwork proposal

First i request for some wordpress website and i watched and analyzed 120 proposals .After watching all those proposal very well.I came on the result that there is only 3 to 5 proposal was very well explained and my heart was attracted towards them.This is the main thing which every client wants that the proposal should attract the client.Here i am came on the results that should be in the upwork proposal . how to write an upwork proposal with this topic we are going to explain every thing

what things you should be inculded in proposal

Here are the main points which you should check and read proposal many times before submitting ..if you did these thing perfect than there is alot of chances that your proposal will win the project .and you got alot of income .So what are those points

  1. Explain client project briefly
  2. Use greetings words
  3. Tell your experience
  4. give some extra free offer
  5. talk about what client will get according to project
  6. User perfect wording
  7. gives extra specialty to client
  8. Explain that why you are best for the job
  9. Give reason that why they should give you project
  10. Explain that what is difference in your offer and client offer.

what things should be inculded

For perfect proposal above mentioned things are necessary .After this your portfolio matters alot .Make a eye catchy portfolio and place on any site .free or paid depends on your choice.Get a link and place in every proposal .This will help you alot .After this you have to analyzed your client project .We will recommend that first take some time for understanding of project and what actually client is wanting after this .Start with welcome words and use those words which suites with the situation . how to write an upwork proposal hope that it will cleared every thing

what that mean , according to my experience i watched one of seller started proposal that , Good night from my country ,….. and than proposal .Are you kidding man .No one will gives you project like this .To win a project you have to focus on all things which are necessary for your client and his business .Good understanding and well communication matters a lot .

way of talking and communication

talking sense matters alot .make every word understandable and buyer should read your proposal full. Your communication and English skills matters alot in freelance market . Feel your client that you are best and in this department no one comparable with you . how to write an upwork proposal


If you have some good and mind blowing review for your previous work .Than this is a great .Give reference of your previous work and refer to your review .Reviews are the basic thing which matters alot in freelancing ..we know that you will feel very difficulty before getting first order but believe me after getting your first order , you will amazed with your results and income .Even nowadays many people have started freelancing as a full time job and now they are doing just freelancing . Yeah you can also easily win project easily by doing these things

Do not try these things

  1. If you are not getting any order and you are thinking that you should go for successful seller.Ask him for order .But like this no one gives you order Because every one is here only for earning and no one will gives you his earning
  2. Do not violate any policies for getting order fast or do not try for spam or scam because these platforms are 100% secure
  3. False practices , like image , tricky title , tricky image or any thing tricky offer which you cannot provide , will leads towards your failure
  4. Respect all the terms which are provided by websites which you are using
  5. if buyer contact with you , than do not try to get order forcefully this will leads towards your failure and you will be demotivated
  6. Respect all fees and do not to be too much greedy


Motivation is the necessary thing , in case of order .If you are getting an order than patience is the necessary thing for every one .If you are motivated than no one wil beat you and soon you will get order .But without motivation you will loose your temper .For a struggle you must watch pro videos related motivation and be stay on your platform for better future .You future can be bright with your skills and work .Just stay focus and send offers on daily basis .If you act upon these things we are sure that within one week you will get your first order .Thanks for reading must share with your friends

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