PTCL News : PTCL Supports the Nation in a Time of Crisis



When COVID-19 pandemic has put the world in a rambunctious and uncertain state, it transforms into the commitment of every individual to give help with any possible way. Whether or not it’s appearing as though cash related assistance for truly justifying people amidst crisis or basically delivering care on social expelling and other prosperity measures to help gather a strong hindrance against the deadly pandemic.

PTCL NEWS : PTCL Supports the Nation In a Time of Crisis

It is asking to see that a huge amount of relationship from the country over have uncovered their assistance for the respectable point of rendering mitigation to their related local people. The Government has moreover pushed a Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020 to help the underserved and fight this disease during these risky events. The need vital is that every individual around the country looks into its capacity for the thriving of the people, particularly the people who are powerless under winning conditions.

The telecom division of Pakistan has stayed presumably the greatest provider where practically every association shared a basic mean the store. Two of such firms that truly stand separated by being socially competent are PTCL and Ufone, as they permitted a check of Rs. 100 Million to the Prime Minister COVID-19 Relief Fund. This is the best whole given by any telecom manager, for which PTCL must be esteemed.

Being the establishment of accessibility the country over, PTCL has in like manner remained at the front line to ensure business movement. In this perspective, more than 12,000 of its front line staff work decidedly for this purpose.PTCL has similarly used its web based life stages where it continues giving care about the coronavirus and urges inhabitants to stay at home and stay safe.

take a gander at? PTCL Ramazan Ration Drive for Coronavirus Affected Families Across Pakistan

Recently, the firm has begun enormous Ramazan allot drive to render help for families impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The extent drive action will cover directly around 25 urban zones the country over. PTCL has again and again showed that it’s obliged to stand firm with the nation and supports the occupants of Pakistan in each condition.

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