Telenor free internet in lockdown 2020 Enjoy!!

Telenor has announced , the free internet for people who are in homes and lockdown .In this condition every one is suffering lockdown and even they cannot leave their house in this time .Many companies gave alot of money to people and government .Our government is trying hard to give relation to peoples by giving money to people .

But specially if we talk about the SIM companies of pakistan than Telenor give alot of money to pakistani government for helping poor people in this condition .But This is not end .telenor also gave huge relaxation to its customers by giving lovely services of internet on their own basis .

Many people i think still searching for free internet ,.But my dear , free internet like does not exist you have to pay for their services .because companies are also paying to internet providers for fast and good services .You are getting those services because of they are also paying .But still question is there that how you will get avail this offer and what is special in this offer .So , dear prices are down of all packages due to corona virus and special packages are announced for all customers . So to get avail of this offer you have to follow this process

Method 1: for free telenor internet in lockdown

  1. Download the Easypaisa App
  2. Than Browser for internet packages
  3. You will get Lockdown special offers an you can get easily
  4. Enoy ! Cheers

Method 2: free telenor internet in lcokdown

  1. Download the Telenor App Now for easy navigation of all types of free internet
  2. Now Navigate below and check your offers section
  3. In offers section you will found the all types of offer easily and you can select each package for you
  4. Enjoy ! By clicking activate free internet
  5. You should read this also Corona virus remedy

Free Whats app Offer telenor

Telenor is also offering free whats app offers for its lovely customers .To avail this offer you should go the above method 2 or just simply follow this setup for availing free whatsapp .

Dial : *247# In your mobile

By *247# dialing this code you will get free whats app for full month .All this process is safe and announced by the official of telenor company .We will just say that stay home , stay happy and enjoy free services of telenor .When ever you feel bour telenor is here .Telenor have alot of packages and other games which you should check out in their apps . Corona virus symptoms You should check this out for complete saftey of your self and your love one .

Dear , this is very hard time for our world so , kindly stay save , stay home and never shake hand with any one .Only our determination can beat the corona virus . If you love your parents your brothers and sisters than share with all things related corona virus to save them from this dirty disease

Just apply above methods and enjoy unlimited access to all free assets of telenor which they offering in this time .Because this is very hard time for paksitan for its economic conditions and other things .so #staysave

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