The treatment for the coronavirus disease is Founded

what is the treatment for the coronavirus disease
what is the treatment for the coronavirus disease ,what is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

As you know that corona virus is most viral nowadays .Still its perfect cure is not discovered .But we have founded some tricks only for you , by doing those things you can easily skip your self from corona virus .As in america about 45k + cases are reported and alot of people are dying from this deadly disease .First you have to understand what will happen to your body and who is in most danger .

How this virus Effect our body .?

what is the treatment for the coronavirus disease this is probably asked question First let us explain how this virus will go into your body .What are those conditions by which you will get this virus and how we can prevent from these virus .As perfect and medicine cure is not founded but doing some thing simple you can easily protect your self .So here are the points by which your body can get this virus treatment for the coronavirus disease is pretty easy

  1. First this virus contain different type of protein
  2. These protein will transfer into your belly
  3. After reaching there , it will extract its inner protein
  4. It will eject its deadly material into your body
  5. After 5 to 10 days you will get its symptoms

How this virus spread and how can it reaches to you .?

 treatment for the coronavirus disease
treatment for the coronavirus disease

First of all please do not do these things which are present below this paragraph to be safe .Because this time we are facing alot of destruction virus and it can destroy us . here are the things by which this virus can spread .

  1. By Shaking hand with any stranger
  2. Talking with stranger
  3. Do not wearing masks
  4. walking in the road at this time
  5. By squeezing
  6. You probably get this if you did not wash your hands properly
  7. Just sit at your home and Forget all matters

What will happen if you got this virus .?

First of all if you got corona virus .You dont need to be worry at all .It is cure able yeah you have listen 100% correct .According to world health organization only 2% people are dying and other are curing easily .The Biggest danger is for 1-5 Years people and for 50 above people.They should care for their self alot .if you want to make a corona virus mask free than just click here . There are alot of ways from doing those things we can save from corona virus .treatment for the coronavirus disease is available for every 0ne

As you know that corona virus could not stay healthy at high staying at those places at your home.Where temperature is above 25C is perfect .By eating hot foods and inhaling steam should be a perfect choice for every one who wants itself to stay healthy. what you should do when you get the corona here are the simple things

  1. Admit into hospital
  2. Take care of your self
  3. Take steam daily(it will destroy corona virus)
  4. Eat only hot things
  5. Do not eat ice cream and please do not drink any cold things
  6. Always stay at one place
  7. if you feels sign of disease , first go and do a brief check up .
  8. only drink hot water
  9. do not meet with any one

We are pretty sure that if you adopt these things you will defeat the corona virus in couple of days .

There are alot of people who are curing from this deadly disease .Its only upto you .That how you will take care of your self.By doing these simple trick and tips you can easily fight with corona .

Safety measures when you are in home

If you are staying in home , than you have to follow these thing.If you are sitting in home that does not mean that you are save .There can be some chances of corona virus .For example you are staying in home and your friend came into your home .Who is already infected with virus .Than there is alot of chances that you may be hit the corona virus .So , what are those thing which you should do in home

  1. Do not call any friend in your home
  2. Wash your hands and face after half hour
  3. do not go to neighbor house
  4. just stay at your tv
  5. always use masks
  6. always drink hot water
  7. if you need , do a video chat with a doctor

Only only safety measure can be fruit full for you .If you think that you are save without doing those thing .Than probably this is not correct .You are in danger We can take example of china where this virus came from .Chinese are now 100% save ,why they are save now due to only one condition.The cleanness and acting upon the advice .If you really want that your country can be a good and saver country than you have to act upon on these things. We hope that you will act upon all those things which are suggested from WHO .We can only gives a path .Its totally depends on You .GOOD LUCK


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