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As you now that current situation of paksitan is very pity .All about world is locked down into their houses and even they are not able to go outside and bring some food for there livings .In this time every one is praying to GOD for relief in this condition .Almost every one is now jobless .Except those who have government jobs . Pakistani government also announced some funds for many people but these funds could not be able to give relief to those poor people who dependence was only their daily base income .

Due to all these circumstances , The prime minister has announced Tiger force job for youth of Pakistan . Your question could be that who should join this force and why , what is purpose of this job .So , every question is well answered in this discussion

What is corona tiger force .?

As mentioned above pakistan is suffering a lot of problems nowadays . There is huge number of people who are locked into their houses .So , to provide food to people is very hard work .Even for pakistani police and PAK army .Funds are announced , but to utilize those funds .We need some high potential people who can server the pakistan in this poor condition

So , Corona tiger force concept was given by prime minister , who choices volunteer For this good sake . The duties of this force is to provide necessary living things to deserving people .Government will buy those things from funds and responsibility of this force is to provide every thing to people .

Is this Job permanent .?

As mentioned government is finding those people who can server their nation in this hard time .So , may be this job is not permanent .But as you know that pakistan is full of youth people . so youth should take part in this force for challenging coronavirus . This is great step by the government and we have to take advantage of it for serving our nation .Those people who have potential and have great potential and desire to sever their nation should join this force .By meeting hands to hands we can get rid of this virus .

Registration Process :

As all jobs have some procedure and its documentation .But in this job you will apply through an App which is called Pakistan citizen app

  1. Go this This website and Download this app in your phone
  2. After downloading and registration you will found corona virus tiger force in announcement
  3. After clicking , provide all necessary information required and apply for job
corona tiger force registration
corona tiger force registration

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for this job is guide simple

  1. You should be 18+
  2. CNIC is required
  3. Age should be between 18 and 35
  4. Physical should be strong
  5. High potential

Education :

In this job education does not matter , if you are metric fail or MSC topper . you can devote your self in this noble cause .Every one can take part and earn some blessings .Because this is matter of your country .

tiger force salary

According to all advertisements the perfect salary package is not defined , but it may be very from 20k -30k.

Because in this time to go out and severing is very hard work .and if you server your nation in this time than this is very great for our country .

corona tiger force salary
corona tiger force

To beat the corona virus we have to take steps now.By joining this force you are welling that you will d your best for your country ,This is the time which country demands and you have to give all of your best for your country . i hope every thing is cleared now .If any one have questions than you can ask freely in comment box .We will try to answer every question .Peace !!

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