upwork fees and procedure , how upwork fees mechanism works

Now a days freelancing platforms are becoming a essential part for every ones life .Because you can get ever things there , if you are running a business .If you need logo ,banner adds marketing person or website developer .You probably choice freelancing platform for better experience and quality work .But are still freelancing platforms are working good .is they are still providing benefits for buyers and sellers .We will discuss those things and we will compare all freelancing paltfroms today and after comparison . we will recommend you best site to start your career or which website is best for buying .also we will gives you detail analysis of upwork fees , fiverr fees and all other things which are required .

If you are thinking that how you can make money without any skill than you should visit here after getting the all knowledge , lets talk about the how fees of different platforms works and how we can select best thing for us .Where prices are low and where sellers are demanding high .If you are buyer or you are planning for bright business than you should read this article completely


Upwork is very famous due to many reasons , first it was o desk and than two sites converts into one site with all quality functions .So lets review it and how it works ,what are its specifications and what are its prices

specification of upwork

  1. Lovely platform and quality services
  2. A lot of freelancers available
  3. apply many filters on freelancers for best results
  4. You can work on hours and time basis
  5. You can set your per hour price

Prices and upwork fees

One disadvantage is that upwork is client friendly and if dispute created on fixed budget than its 99% chances that your order will be cancelled and you will loose your money on it .Upwork is also considered very expensive as compared to other platforms what are its prices here is the list

  1. Upwork will charge 20% from sellers
  2. It charges 0.15$ for 1 connect
  3. It charges 2% to 20% from buyers as service fees

Upwork is very costly as compared to other platforms and also freelancers demands alot of money and even for less work .Evcn you can get double work with same money on other platforms .Also there is alot of problems in joining upwork account .Upwork needs pro member ship for joining and they want more and more money .If some one goes and ask them to approve his profile than they simply said that our platform do not have space for you .That is biggest problem now a days


Fiverr is the most successful in this time and it has completed millions of project on their site .Almost it cover 60% of buyers who want services in affordable prices are using fiverr. As compared to other platform you can set milestone there but you could not set your hourly price price will be fixed for every project .There are many reasons to choose fiverr , its design and creativeness and every thing is perfect here. Fiverr fees are good as compared to upwork fees


  1. Fiverr is cheapest as compared to others platform lowest price is 5$ and you can get best services at just spending 5$
  2. Fiverr usually perfect for every type of business and service
  3. customer support is awesome and every one can join fiverr
  4. Fiverr have lovely level systems and GIG options
  5. By using GIG option seller do not need to go any where , buyers will find the seller
  6. They do not want money for bids and offer
  7. All offers are free and they give 10 offers daily for every seller , may be number of offer increase with the level system
  8. Gives you best protection on every time

it is perfect but every best thing also have disadvantage i dont know its correct or not but fiverr have alot of policies which are not good .Even just little bit of mistake will gives you permanently banned .There is alot of policies on which we have to write a new article.

Fiverr fees

In fees fiverr is good.Its perfect platform for joining quality services for low budgets

  1. They do not charge for joining
  2. gives you free 10 offers daily
  3. They charge 20%$ from sellers (from new seller to level 3 seller )
  4. Only 10% is charged from Top rated
  5. they charges 2 to 10% from buyer

Fiverr is considered best so for .But they also goes towards client in many cases if unluckily dispute is created ,I think almost all platforms did this

3.Other freelancing platforms

Other freelancing Platform are also considered perfect for every one specially for new sellers .Like guru , freelancer , people per hour .They charge from seller almost 10% and there bids price is also low .They also provides some free bids .But prices is low .One main problem is that there work is not present in large quantity


Prices are great for sellers .Sellers will feel great comfort there because like upwork fees are not same there is alot of things attract them specially 8 to 10% for every order site will take its perfect as compared to 20% free bids good work and more money with low competition .its perfect for every new seller.Hope all questions are answered well.Stay updated

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